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gets his first phone interview for “Exile In Rosedale - The Musical Life Of Seven: 1963-2009” on 12-8-2009 with Legendary Poconos Radio Personality, Gary Smith on the “Gary In The Morning” show! It begins an on-air/off-air relationship of epic proportions! Seven has become a regular on the show, returning to visit with Gary, Dan, Judy & Elise for two, in-studio shows full of excitement! The show from 4-29-2010 finds Gary, Dan & Judy recording live for broadcast from Seven’s Book Release Party @ The Sutra Lounge in NYC!

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Pictured (L-R) Dan, Elise, a Guest, Judy, Dan & Laurie

After calling in, waiting on hold for 8 consecutive shows to get a plug and some air-time the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio to plug his book - “Exile In Rosedale - The Musical Life Of Seven:1963-2009”, Howard finally picked up the phone to talk with Seven! Listen to this hilarious clip to hear find out what Robin, Fred, Gary & Howard discovered when Howard said those magical words, “Seven, go ahead. You’re on the air...”

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After “The Wrap Up Show” (The Howard Stern Channel’s daily recap that discusses the show), posted the play-by-play on what happened when Seven called in to the Howard Stern Show. Check out the details from Mark’s website!

....Howard took a call from a guy who said that he's been doing a Gary the Retard impression for years. He demonstrated that for Howard. He kind of had it down. Howard said it was close. The caller said that Gary was on Miserable Men one time and Bob Levy thought he was fake so he hung up on him. He thought that was pretty funny.

Howard had this guy Seven on the phone and said that he's the guy who used to go on MTV and crash the shows. Gary corrected him and said that was Sixx, not Seven. Howard didn't know who Seven was but the guy was snoring on the phone. Howard read that the guy was willing to do anything to plug his book on the show. Howard said maybe the book is about Sleep Apnea.

Gary corrected Howard about the Sixx and Seven thing again and asked if he wanted to talk to Seven. Howard told him that he had him on the phone. Howard said sometimes he thinks that Gary is asleep back there. Howard said the snoring actually sounded nice. He said he'd like to be asleep like that right now. He listened in to the snoring for a couple of minutes.

Howard said it's kind of cool to change your name to a number. He wondered what his book could be about. Howard said the guy has been calling in for about 8 days straight now and he finally picks up on him and he's sleeping. He said he thought he was the other guy too and then it turns out he's not that guy Sixx. Howard said he thinks what happened was that he was watching Letterman with Brian Williams on and that knocked him out.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that guy was probably laying in bed waiting for him to come on and he just fell asleep. He said that's happened to him twice.

# Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Previews. 05/10/10. 9:30am

Howard had Steve Langford come in with his news preview. He asked Steve if he would eat his wife's ass. Steve said that's not for him. He then moved on with his news preview and said that Beth was very nice to the fans who came out to see her at the Letterman show. She crossed the street to see the fans while Brian Williams didn't. Steve said that Brian does claim he's been a long time fan of the Howard Stern Show.

...Howard said it was probably Penn Jillette that did it to Robin. He did an impression of Penn doing that and barked like he does with his Cousin Brucie impression. It was almost the same impression.

Seven woke up and told Howard that he wrote a book about his career in the music industry. He said he had an interesting life so that's why he wrote the book. He said that he was a producer and an engineer. He wants to come on the show and promote the book and he's willing to do anything to do that. Howard asked what he knows about the people he worked with. He worked with Vanessa Williams and Busta Rhymes and people like that. Seven gave out a web site Howard let him go a short time later.

Howard said that's like Scott the Engineer writing a book. He made up some stories that Scott could write about and showed how boring that might be. He did his impression of Scott for a few minutes. Fred got in on that too....

Steve said that Artie Lange has written a foreword for Sid Rosenberg's book. Howard said he got a nice call from Artie complimenting Beth. He said it was just a message and he wasn't able to get back to him about the message. He said that everything has been disconnected so he wasn't able to get back to him.

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