Born in New York City, Jenny Amlen has performed around the world, including stints in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Jenny can belt out the blues, improvise melodies with Middle Eastern influence or croon a sweet-as-chocolate ballad using her versatile three-octave range and incredible tone. She began her music career at the American Music Dramatic Academy and received a BA from SUNY College in music. Being fascinated by eastern raga, she studied in India with Terry Riley and La Monte Young. Jenny’s original bands have performed in world-famous New York City clubs and has received glowing reviews from New York City Music Magazines. She has collaborated with Kennen Keating of Hit and Run publishing and Windham Hill’s Michael Harrison. After signing an Artist/Management contract with Kevin Makowski, the producer of the Rickie Lake show, she collaborated with Coati Mundi from Kid Creole and the Coconuts. They recorded her first CD, simply titled “Jenny Amlen.”

Jenny signed a publishing/recording contract with an Indie label in Munich, Germany where she received radio play and toured throughout Western Europe. While in Germany Jenny recorded the CD “Serious Thinking” which was produced by members of the well-known group Medley. Jenny also recorded “Jenny Amlen unplugged” with Jenny playing acoustic guitar and singing. She has performed with Warner Brothers artist Bob Dawson at corporate events and continues writing and has written well over 200 songs to date. 

Jenny recently partnered with New York City guitarist Ed Howe for her latest CD, which is the best reflection to date of her varied styles and interests, from blues to jazz to folk to country to Eastern raga. Ed is arranging and playing most of the instruments on the CD, which contains new original material written by Jenny. The CD is entitled ‘Many Hats’ to reflect Jenny’s versatile song writing talents. Ed teamed up with Jenny's brother, David Amlen, to produce and record the CD at the world-famous Legacy Studios in midtown Manhattan. Jenny currently performs with live bands, acoustic solo performances, and can be found on the web doing live solo performances and interviews by Tomaca Govan of Keep The Light Records.

You can hear various cuts from Jenny’s CD’s on your Bonus Audio Disc!

Discover more about Jenny’s at:

Jenny Amlen: Music is her life!

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